iMarket streamlines sales operations and accelerates offer closure.

iMarket is the newest iRights module in our rights management software and a favorite of Film and TV Sales Agents. It was designed for ease of use at Film and TV Markets to manage pricing, market availability, offers, deal closure, and communications with producers. Designed with input from some of the best-known sales teams in the industry, iMarket fills an important gap covered by no other system.

Below are some of its special features:

Advanced Price List Management

iMarket comes with an advanced Price List management module that allows sales teams to quickly setup pricing for new titles based on previous sales activity. Price Lists identify titles, territories, and rights to be licensed along with associated asking, accepting, and projected license fees. The price sheets are dynamically updated by offer and license activity. Price List reporting can be used as a flash availability report to quickly identify the territories and rights sold, pending offers, and titles and territories still available. Specialized reporting is provided to keep producers and other participants advised of sales activity.

Offer Entry and Management

The Offer system is coupled with the Price List data and is designed to accelerate the entry and tracking of offers along with all relevant deal terms. The Offer system allows a new offer to be created with an optional selection of terms from buyer’s prior deals. Offers may be flagged as a priority, so that they appear first in the list of offers for a territory. The offer closure (acceptance of offer) process will automatically pass on similar offers. All current and historical offers can be reported and associated with the market during which they were made.

Offer Comparative Analysis

iMarket supports detailed comparisons of single territory and multi-territory offers to help sales determine which offers to accept. Sales can select which offers to compare and setup sales scenarios to consider for comparative analysis.

Price List Sales Report

The iMarket system creates a unique Price List Sales Report that combines the asking and accepting data, iRights license data, and offer data to create a specialized report as a PDF or Excel® report. This report lists all active offers along with notes for unsold territories as well as identifying closed offers and previous license activity. A summary reports the overall sales progress as well as the available and projected sales values. The Price List Sales Report supports complex multi-territory offers by flagging all the major territories associated with the offer and allows the report to identify the maximum value for any territory when there is a mix of single territory offers and multi-territory offers in the same region.

Graphical Avails Reporting

A popular feature of iMarket is the custom graphical avails report that highlights the details of available titles by territory in a handsome PDF handout. Customizations may include which film data to report, along with thumbnails, sales agent logos, header and footer graphics, market name, and seller’s location at the market.

License Interface

The Offer system is designed to allow the quick creation of full license agreements from closed offers and mark those closed offers as interfaced. Offers reference the Price Sheet territories, but can also carry special references to additional territories, rights, and deal terms that provide the majority of the required information for a new license agreement.

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