iRights – the ultimate rights management software solution for the media and entertainment industry.

The iRights Suite solution offers a comprehensive cloud-based suite of tools specifically designed for managing the lifecycle of rights management.  Our rights management software modules include license administration and maintenance, contract and property maintenance, events tracking and notice generation, sales and acquisitions activity reports and integrated financial management for film distribution.

iRights is unique in the level of detail supported and the robustness of its implementation.

Below are some of its special features:

Highly Integrated Licensing, Billing, Collections, and Banking Dedicated to Film Distribution

iRights offers a high degree of integration and total orientation to the Film and TV distribution business. Every form of transaction is indexed, retrievable and reportable by parameters such as title (a.k.a. Property in iRights), sales territory, right, and industry specific invoice type (e.g. MG, Overages, Materials, etc.). For example, a user could instantly locate all minimum guarantee invoices that were due on “notice of delivery of Titlename.”

These features were evolved as a result of a 10 year agile development in which the users participated in the design and testing of every feature of the system. iRights the ultimate rights management software solution.

Designed from the Bottom up for the Sales Agency Business

The system was designed from the bottom up to support the sales agency business. This includes features such as separate reporting by accounts receivable accounts (for producer receivable reports), and extensive support of a title’s library in reports and accounting calculations.

Agency rights-in agreements and their restrictions are considered in the testing of title availability and rights conflicts.

Precise and Informative License Rights Collision Testing and Availability Reporting

When new license agreements are entered into the system, they can be instantly checked against all other agreements for conflicts such as an overlap of license periods for a title, right and language, a limitation or missing acquired right to license those rights, or expiration or limitation in the agency authorization for that title. If problems are found, the system precisely describes the problems, so that the user is not confused about which title, right, territory, languages, and time periods are conflicted and then allows a quick link to the conflicting agreements for a full inspection.

Even the availability reports are supported by interactive drill-downs to facilitate inspection of the underlying agreements.

Natural Language Expression of License Conditions

The initial goal of the iRights License system was to have all the data entry mimic actual legal language of the contract without having the operator decompose the license terms of the agreement into a form that was usable by the system. Because of this, the iRights system can directly generate full language agreements directly from the entered license data.

An example would be to allow the agreement to express combinations of grants and exclusions naturally (e.g. “All Rights in French speaking Europe except Theatrical in French Speaking Switzerland”) rather than to require the operator to map which territories and rights are licensed individually as is often required in other systems. The decomposition and evaluation of inclusions and exclusions is done automatically.

Comprehensive and Highly Integrated Events System

An Events system is critical to keeping availability and expirations up to date with licensing and distribution activities – particularly important in systems when large number of licenses and titles are involved. Many systems have only very simple expressions of events and their dependent dates, and require significant manual entry to keep licenses and reports up to date.

In contrast, the iRights system is extremely robust and fully integrated, handling almost any complexity and combination of conditions and date offsets. It also automatically updates dates in contracts, administrative follow-ups and payment schedules when activities determine conditional events.

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